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What will you learn ?

  • Revision

    This course is for false beginners. You have had some French at school, or took a course along the way. We start with a refresher chapter on how to introduce yourself, short sentences, situational paragraphs.

  • Four competences

    As you are preparing for the DELF A2 exam, you need to work on the four competences: reading comprehension, writing, oral comprehension and oral expression. We provide you with a platform dedicated to an intensive preparation to the exam.

  • French culture

    No one learns a foreign language in a vacuum. Beside all the necessary nuts and bolts, your French course will give you an insight on what is "la culture française", from literature to music, with a touch of history, cinema, cuisine etc.

Course curriculum (under contruction)

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to your French course

    • How to use the platform

    • Please answer a few questions

    • E-Course Timeline

  • 2

    Leçon 1 - Here I am !

    • Say Hello - introduce yourself

    • Bonjour, Bonsoir

    • Introduce yourself !

    • Test your learning

  • 3

    Leçon 2 - Useful verbs

    • To be

    • To have

    • Practice the verbs and short sentences

    • At the market

  • 4

    Leçon 3 - le corps humain

    • La tête

    • Feedback

    • A visit to the doctor - Body parts

    • Test your learning - At the doctor's

    • Expressions with body parts (optional)

  • 5

    Leçon 4 - Presentation de la classe

    • How to ask a question in French

    • Bienvenue dans votre cours de français

    • Présentation de la classe

  • 6

    Leçon 5 - Le futur proche

    • Construire le futur proche

    • Le futur proche, exercices

    • Deux vidéos sur le Futur proche

    • Le futur proche - Devoir

  • 7

    Leçon 6 - La cigale et la fourmi

    • Let's watch the story

    • Read the story

    • The Fable

    • Written comprehension

    • Your assignment

    • To go further

  • 8

    Leçon 7 - Parler de soi

    • Introduce yourself in a couple of minutes

    • Preparing to talk about family

    • Your assignment on Family

    • Talk about your family