Welcome to our B1 students

Are you ready to take this to the next step? Are you ready to improve your French? 

You said YES?

We have prepared this bundle just for you. A one-stop-get-all option. From the enrolment to the exam preparation, it's all here! You will review the basics with a crash course covering all you learned at A2 level, just in case you're weary to have forgotten it all. Once this is all good, you will jump right into the B1 level

If you have already visited the Green Language School, you already know that we are indeed a language school, but culture is important to us, so prepare for a wonderful mix of exciting content!

You can choose to pay the whole amount right away or in instalments, it's up to you. 

Welcome and join us! It's going to be fun!

Learning a language is tough, you know it, we know it

But we know how to make it fun and manageable, one little baby step at a time

What's the deal?

This is a bundle, so in clear, you should be saving money, right? RIGHT! And money you will save, with a CHF60 discount!

  • Enrolment fee is a one time payment to join our Green Language School community (in the bundle CHF40 instead of CHF50)

  • The placement test is necessary to make sure you will be enrolled at the right level (in the bundle CHF20 instead of CHF40)

  • Your personally designed curriculum, a 3-month program made-to-order (in the bundle CHF240 instead of CHF270)