What can I teach you that can't be googled?

Answer: the ability to express yourself in another language


Entirely online, The Green Language School offers the possibility to study from wherever you like, whenever you can.

Start where you're at, go the distance with the support of professional tutors and reach your goal. We are here for you!

Choose from a selection of courses, enrol for a full school year, or for three months. We even have bite-size classes to review concepts or help you with last minute exam preps. 

What statistics reveal about the life-long learner myth

Once graduated, is it complicated to fit in extra training?

  • 5% of people living in the Euro zone do not continue studying because they feel too old for training

  • In the UK alone 7,6% of professionals who want to study further do not enrol because of distance issues

  • 24% of professionals in the Euro zone do not continue studying once they graduate because of time conflicts between work or home, and classes.

Come and learn French with us!

We also provide exam preparation in English, German, Spanish and Chinese

Are you one in five?

One in five people wants to study further, but do not do it because they cannot find the time to attend classes. Would an online school with manageable time chunks be the answer for them?

The Green Language School offers you

A chance to join a community of learners! Go back to school, have that feeling again, new books, new pens, homework, schedules and school holidays. And don't forget... dealing with the teachers again!

  • Back to school

    Once you're enroled at the Green Language School, we will provide you with a personal study plan, specially catered to your goals and needs. The typical monthly rythm is a 3-week class schedule and a one-week project work.

  • Our tutors

    Our teachers are here for you. They watch over your progress and suggest adjustments. You will never be alone with a computer. Our tutors are trained to support their students all through the school year.

  • Exam prep

    You will receive a Certificate of completion with a grade, which can be added to your Language Portfolio. You can also opt for an official exam preparation, added to your personal program or as intensive classes.


Some basic questions and their answers

  • What makes the Green Language School different than other online solutions, like Duolingo, Mango or Rosetta Stone?

    The Green Language School is a school. It does not have physical classrooms, corridors or coat hangers, but it claims to be just as good as that, excepting the commute and running the risk of social non-distancing. In our school, you will have a schedule, classes, homework and an assigned Head teacher.

  • I want to prepare an exam, how can I sign up just for that?

    Every Green Language School student must be enrolled in the school. The enrolment fee costs CHF50 (or its equivalent in your local currency). An exam preparation is a three-month program, and is set up the same way as any other cursus, with a study plan, a schedule, classes, homework and an assigned Head teacher.

  • How do I get the Certificate of completion?

    You need to obtain a 75% pass grade on your final exam and a 75% average grade on all assignments of your course to be granted the Certificate of completion.

  • What happens if I fail? How much will it cost me to repeat the program?

    In the course of your training, your Head teacher will assess your progress. If you are failing, they will offer an adjustment to your study plan. You will find a solution together. It is possible to extend the program onto the next semester for a couple of weeks or a month, or to repeat the full semester altogether. A simple repeat of the study plan will be charged 50% of its original cost. Depending on your situation, a re-enrolment fee might apply.

  • Do you offer scholarships? And if yes, which kind?

    The Green Language School offers academic scholarships. Any student who obtains a final grade superior to 95% on their Certificate of completion gets a 30% discount on their next study plan.

  • Why does the Green Language School have holidays?

    Studies show that in order to learn new stuff, our brain needs to rest now and then and recollect all the new information, classify it, filter and store it. This is what holidays are for, distancing, resourcing. At the Green Language School, holidays can also be used for intensive training, or holiday boot camps as we call them.

  • I can't afford the one-time payment, do you have payment plans?

    Yes, we have payment plans and feel free to contact us and tell us your story. We want to support you in becoming a life-long learner!

  • Who are the tutors?

    When you enrol in a course, you are assigned a Head teacher, who will follow your steps at the school. Our tutors are artists, masters, scholars, but also parents and spouses. The Green Language School does not believe in teaching for $10 an hour. We believe in professionals getting paid for the work they are doing in proportion with the number of years they have been training to become said artist, master, scholar. Additionally, we support a work-life balance allowing our tutors to work from anywhere just as efficiently.

Join the Green Language School today. Make it count!